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Taobao 618 will launch Metaverse shopping, and the 3D space screen will be exposed for the first time

The prototype of e-commerce in the future, play while shopping?

Recently, Tech Planet exclusively learned from Taobao insiders that in order to prepare for this 618, Taobao has established a Metaverse special project team, which is optimizing the virtual shopping venue overnight, and will launch Metaverse shopping during 618.

Earlier, several media reported that Alibaba Singapore Holdings Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of several trademarks including “Alibaba Metaverse” and “Taobao Metaverse”. Although the related Metaverse element trademark has not been approved, this does not seem to affect Taobao’s ambition to try to break the game in the shopping scene.

The above-mentioned person told Tech Planet that Taobao transferred some technicians a few months ago to set up a special project team for the Metaverse to explore shopping and interactive scenarios. Among them, the key point to be solved is the link problem of “people and goods yard”, to ensure that users can initially realize virtual shopping links at the front end without wearing external devices, so as to meet the needs of three-dimensional “going to Taobao”.

Internal scene image exposure.

In a 33-second shopping scene test image from the interior, you can clearly see the basic copy of the “Shopping Metaverse”: skyscrapers with rotatable buildings in the distance, green trees on the sidewalk, and floating nearby. Empty transparent information panel, ladder and pool. 

In the virtual world scene full of technology sense, the user is suspected to be able to control the direction through the mobile phone, guide the characters to walk and shop in the 3D world, and complete certain interactive actions. 

A person close to the project said that the aforementioned screen is still a beta scene, “It looks like an old version from a few months ago, this product is still being optimized, but the goal and end point must be to ensure smooth virtual shopping for users. ability.” 

According to reports, the primary goal of the project in the near future is to conduct a small-scale gray measurement of “Metaverse shopping” for some targeted audiences during the 618 promotion period. 

In fact, on May 17, Taobao Life once opened the application authority for the “Future World Resident Card” with a unique code for all Taobao Life users, and the new “certificate” was specially stored in the digital chain. 

Analysts believe that the use scenario of Taobao Life’s “resident card” may be prepared for the construction of a new 3D virtual world, “equivalent to an access license for a holographic construction scene, but whether there is a strong connection, and whether it can be related to the transaction in the end. The virtual and real links are combined to complete the closed loop, and further observation is needed in conjunction with the terminal results.” 

With the popularity of the “Metaverse” concept, the popularity of related film and television content, NFT artwork, blockchain games, loops, etc. has also led to a sharp rise in the concept of the Metaverse. Metaverse-related technologies and applications involve many aspects, such as: VR hardware technology, solution providers, software technology providers, game industry, virtual social networking, chips, 5G, etc. 

Accenture recently pointed out in “Technology Outlook 2022” that the Metaverse is a complex of various new technologies used by human beings. It has rich application scenarios, and many new business models will be born, which will subvert human life in the next few years. sexual influence. 

“Betting on the future”, the increment and imagination brought by the Metaverse, excited the long-silent Internet giants, and entered the game one after another, for fear of missing out. 

In fact, as early as 2016, Taobao launched the VR shopping Buy+ program, which uses computer graphics systems and auxiliary sensors to generate an interactive three-dimensional shopping environment. Users can directly interact with people and objects in the virtual world, and even store Virtualization of real-life scenarios. But the skinny reality is that the penetration rate of VR hardware is not high, and the final project ended without a hitch. 

Buy+ shopping order scenario.

A better solution seems to be AR. In 2019, Taobao launched AR makeup test, and in 2020, it launched AR glasses test and AR shoes test. Due to the lightweight equipment, users can complete an immersive shopping experience with a light touch of their mobile phones. 

At the 2021 Yunqi Conference, the XR Lab of Alibaba Dharma Academy also officially appeared, announcing that it will conduct research on the future operating system under the next-generation cloud-network integration architecture and focus on the new generation of mobile computing platforms. Technology is closely related to the Metaverse realm. 

But these are still too far from Taobao transactions. It can be seen to the naked eye that the e-commerce ecosystem led by Taobao and Tmall is Alibaba’s core business. If Metaverse shopping is completed in a scenario like 618, it may open up a new space for e-commerce shopping experience. 

It remains to be seen how far the Metaverse e-commerce is from reality.